Underground Oil Tank Remediation

Office romances never work, or at least that is what I say to myself. I work at a small firm with a few employees and everyone is as friendly as they come. I like every single one of them working there, from my manager, who seemed to always have my back, to the door guard whom I have friendly banters with whenever we meet. But someone is just a tad bit more special than the others. I fell in love with a co-worker and her name was Jane.

She was not exactly an ordinary employee. She was as bright as her future. And to top it off, her family had a huge share of the company’s stocks. It never felt like there was ever going to be a chance for us to get together. She was the princess and the darling of the company and I was a lowly IT staffer. Who knew that an opportunity would come on the most unexpected of circumstances.

It was October; right in the middle of autumn. The air was chilly but it was just comfortable enough as long as you had a hot beverage in hand and the heat was on. Jane and I had the same idea, after everyone left the indoor party at my house, we decided to go into my backyard to sip on some wine and enjoy the rest of the day together.  And that is when we noticed a foul oily smell coming from my yard. When I walked around my property I noticed that some of it were seeping from the ground.

As it turned out, I had an old underground oil tank that was corroded and spilling out the oil.  Luckily the day was still young enough where I was able to have a professional come take a look at the yard. He said that normally I wouldn’t have smelled the petroleum, but since I was digging in the yard earlier the day before, I must have opened up a passageway. While there was enough damage that required immediate oil tank remediation, he said it was a blessing to unravel the leak, otherwise, the soil damage would have been even more severe than it already was.

Unfortunately, the day with Jane was ruined abruptly. She and I never had a chance to link up again. I’ll always remember those brief moments, which feels like it stands in time. However, an underground oil tank leak must be remediated. A few weeks later she took a job offer at another company, 2 hrs away.