Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

The Michigan Medical Device Accelerator's current portfolio consists of the promising medical device companies listed below. We invite you to visit our portfolio company websites where applicable to learn more.

ENT Biotech Solutions, LLC (ENT-BT), based in Detroit, Michigan, is developing a surgical tool for tonsil and adenoid removal. The Adeno-Electro-Forceps™ (AdenoEF™) is a single use disposal device suited to the patient’s anatomical size. The AdenoEF™ overcomes current surgical challenges and has been fully prototyped  in collaboration with in2being, a medical product design and development firm based in Saline, Michigan.

Impact Athleticis focused on providing state of the art equipment to today’s athlete and those that dedicate their careers to keeping them in the game. Products include a variety of portable tables and cabinets that be easily transported from the training room to the athletic field, court, slope or rink to deliver therapies or assess injuries to athletes at the point of need. The products can even be branded to match the customer’s needs. Learn more.

nanoMAG LLC, an Ann Arbor-based engineered biomaterials manufacturer, is developing and commercializing next generation, high strength and lightweight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopedic medicine. The new BioMg® alloys are strong like bone but degrade over time to provide nutrients to promote bone re-growth. Learn more.

Based in Palo Alto, California,PRS Medical has identified a potential product solution to assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers. The not-yet commercialized solution, named the PURAP System, leverages a combination of liquid technologies that is designed to reduce pressure by displacing force over the entire pelvic region. Learn more.