Our Advisors

Our Advisors

Investment Board

The Investment Board of the Michigan Medical Device Accelertor (MMDA) holds oversight responsibility for all product investment which  includes time, talent, resources and funding. As necessary and particular to each product idea, expertise is sought from members of the Advisory Board to move the idea forward.

Dan Bowen
Principal | Dempsey Ventures

John Kerschen
Managing Director | Michigan Accelerator Fund

Phillip Torrence
Partner | Honigman

Bryant Zanko
Vice President, Business Development | Stryker Corporation


Advisory Board

From due diligence to product development, the MMDA is able to takes advantage of the talent and history surrounding Michigan in medical device and life science research through its Advisory Board. Drawing upon the experience of medical device experts in the fields of intellectual property, finance, regulatory affairs, quality systems, design and manufacturing, in addition to scientific research, surgery, physics and chemistry, the MMDA measures the potential success of the technology as a viable product and potential stand-alone company.


Matt Alves
Vice President Business Development | Stryker Corporation

Dan Bowen
Principal | Dempsey Ventures

Jerry Culp
Vice President, Global Development | Stryker Corporation

Kris Eager
President | Tekna

Jeff Hoerle 
Executive Director | Priority Health

Jud Hoff 
Vice President and General Manager, Customer Excellence | Stryker Corporation

Aileen Y. Huang-Saad, Ph.D. 
Assistant Director for Academic Programs | Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Michigan

John Kerschen
Managing Director | Michigan Accelerator Fund

Adam J. Keilen
Owner and Attorney | Lithos Surgical Innovations

Mark Noffsinger, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgery

Gene Parunak
Managing Director | In2Being

Fred Schubkegel, Jr.
Managing Partner | Varnum

Michelle Sciamanna, Ph.D. 
CEO and Director of Research | Center for Clinical Research

Amy Shipley, Ph.D.
Executive Director | Borgess Research Institute

Mark Sutter
Chief Executive Officer and President | Terumo Cardiovascular


Phillip Torrence
Partner | Honigman

Ron Williams
Chairman | MedBio

Michael Way
Vice President | Bronson Healthcare Group